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While not formally recognized, symbolizes Zeek,
the mascot of zkSync

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The Zeek Revolution Is Here!


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How to Buy $ZWIF

Buying $ZWIF is simple. Transfer funds, go to SyncSwap, and choose the pair to buy $ZWIF.

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1. Create Wallet and Get Funds

Setup a Metamask wallet and transfer some ETH to your wallet.

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2. Bridge to zkSync

Use to bridge your ETH to zkSync. Farm the Orbiter airdrop at the same time!

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3. Go to SyncSwap

We added liquidity at SyncSwap, so navigate to and connect your wallet.

Ready to join the zeek community and meme craze?

Buy now and get started!


A transparent and fair distribution model, ensuring sustainable growth and community-driven success.

Total Supply

Active: 900,000,000 $ZWIF

Before Burn: 1,000,000,000

LP Tokens Burn: 10%


Burn Rate

10% of tokens burned

No pre-sale

No buy or sell tax

Take a look at our token distribution graph:

Tokenomics Chart

Support Us with Donations

Your donations help us continue developing and maintaining Zeekwifhat. Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

Scan the QR code or click the copy icon to copy the address above to make a donation.

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